100% Random

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100% Random – 100x100xm – 2012

100% Random is an ambient interactive work of 100×100 cm that presents 100 light elements of random color changing in time. The Color Charts by Gerhard Richter and the Spot Paintings by Damien Hirst inspire this work. These authors state that the painted color matrix is made of random colors. My intention is to explore the possibilities of the electronically controlled color, both for color hue and for composition mutation over time.

I use RGB LEDs to create variable color elements. The color and the time of variation are completely random, depending on the radioactive decays around the work. At every ionization, detected by means of a Geiger–Müller tube, a microprocessor records the value of a boolean variable, which changes its value more than one million times per second, obtaining one bit of random information. Every time that 21 new bits are generated, the control software uses these values to set the color and the position of one of the light elements. The changes are generally depending on the background radiation, which is of an average of 30 decays per minute, and are not easily perceivable, but in time the colors shown will be always different.

100% Random Composit

100% Random documentary

100% Random 72hours timelapse @250x