The Light on Earth Series

The Light on Earth Series, 2010
Duratrans print, LED backlight

This series analyses the variations of light (solar, lunar, artificial) that pass on a subject through time.

The images are collages of snapshots taken at regular intervals of time.
Of each picture, only a small, few pixels wide portion is kept and the stripes are composed horizontally, showing a temporal flow from left to right.

The total duration of the shots varies according to the subject, from one hour to an entire day. In some cases, the pictures seem to develop in space, since the perceptual result is the whole reproduction of the subject (e.g. the sun in “One day sky”); but in reality what they document is the changing of lights and shadows.






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Exhibition: Immersi in un mare di luce (Plunged into a sea of light)
Date: September 22nd 2010 – October 30th 2010
Location: Mya Lurgo Gallery Piazza della Riforma 9, Lugano – Switzerland