Animalier is a series of six colour study works that generate a variable light based on a static image of an animal skin and a scanning algorithm.
Light is produced by a custom display of 30x30cm with LED light sources.

The algorithm scans the image, with a small virtual magnifying lens, in a continuous random path, where the direction is changing at each step with a quantity generated from a gaussian random set of numbers.
The color of the light is based on the 14×14 pixels virtual lens that the algorithm reads from the image in a certain position. The color depends also on the path because at each step just a percentage of the current image is summed the previous buffer to contribute to light.
The software generates 8 hours of light program, that is stored in the device and plays in loop.

Following are the first 3 minutes of video simulation for each work and the light path on the image of the first hour of scanning.

peacock path


tropical fish path


leopard path


zebra path


green parrot path


rgp parrot path


Documentary video:


Exhibition: Lux Lucis
Date: March 20th – April 30th 2015
Location: Frankfurter Westend Galerie – Arndtstra├če 12, Frankfurt am Main – Germany
Catalogue (pdf)