9 random spots from… Casa Jasmina


9 random spots from… – 2015 – 30×30 cm

9 random spots is a connected artwork that displays and broadcasts a color pattern from Casa Jasmina.

The main artwork is composed by a 30x30x4 cm wall piece that displays with RGB LED lights 9 color spots randomly generated according to the ambient radioactivity.
A Geiger counter is connected to an Arduino Leonardo with a Yun shield. Each time the Geiger counter detects a radioactive decay, the Arduino software changes a random spot to a random color.
The color information is also published online where it can be retrieved by other subscribing instances of the artwork around the world, creating a connection with Casa Jasmina.

This network of artworks share a very site-specific information with the original location. Since it is truly random data, it can be the same in different places only if it is transmitted.
This artwork demonstrates a property of the network: the space contraction. Different spaces, the surface of the works in this case, appearing the same are equivalent and so they represent the same space at the same time.

The artwork is open source and can be fabricated with a laser cutter and CNC in most fablabs. The project information includes: material list, drawings files for laser-cut, Arduino sketch code, electrical assembly diagram.
GitHub Repo

Exhibition: Opening June 6th 2015

Casa Jasmina – Via Egeo, 16, 10134 Torino, Italy

Presentation-9randomSpots (June 26th 2018)