Milan, 2008
Installation: blue laser, rotating mirror, variable dimensions.

On the occasion of the commemoration of Pierre Restany five years after his death Cristina Trivellin commissioned Marco Brianza an installation for Studio D’Ars.
Harking back to the famous exhibition “Le vide” by Yves Klein at the gallery Iris Clert, Marco Brianza creates a light installation that leaves the space empty and at the same time fills it completely.
A blue laser beam directed on a horizontally rotating mirror traces the perimeter of the gallery. The energy of the artist who filled the room 50 years before is replaced by the energy of the monochromatic light of the laser.

Exhibition: Pierre Restany, un ricordo
Date: May 20th 2008 – May 26th 2008
Location: Studio D’ARS Via Sant’Agnese 12/8, Milan – Italy