RED, 2018
Red object, smartphone, video-projector(s), computer(s), software algorithm; variable dimensions

RED is an installation that explores the color of contemporary media, more and more based on light emitting devices, like displays and projectors.
A smartphone photographs a red Coca-Cola can and every minute the image is sent to a computer and shown with a video projector: the image appears monochrome. After some seconds the pixels of the image begin to be continuously swapped by a software algorithm, changing their position, and so pixels that were far at the beginning come close. By comparing pixels from different parts of the image, we can clearly see that there are many different shades of red composing the image: monochrome is an abstract concept. Photography is used as a device to analyze reality and each pixel is a sample of the physical space in front of the camera. The installation uses 4 different video projectors, each one rendering color with its own specificity and showing that the notion of color depends also on the device and is not an absolute value, as it might have been for mineral pigments. To emphasize the multiplicity of the possible red, the projected images are overlapped creating new chromatic combinations. A niche present on the site of the installation is also inglobated in the middle of the projection creating new color possibilities and bringing back the color to a three dimensional space.

Exhibition: Repeat & Shuffle
Date: April 17th – 22nd 2018
Location: Casa dello Zecchiere via del Bollo 3, Milano