Installation: green, red, violet lasers; rotating mirrors, variable dimensions

The Sun and the Moon dominate the sky day and night, moving from East to West with periodic trajectories that man identified since the ancient times. The prediction of the revolution movement of celestial bodies was a sign that human knowledge could measure and understand the universe we are living in.
The theories of ancient Greeks Ipparco and Tolomeo, which considered the earth at the center of the universe, didn’t survive the Copernican and Galilean confutations in 16th Century, which proved that it is the Earth that revolves around the Sun. This change of perspective, called the ‘Copernican revolution’, didn’t just change the ‘celestial spheres’, but also the culture of the time, affirming the scientific method which constituted the base of modern science and contemporary civilization.
In ‘Revolution’, Marco Brianza projects with two lasers on the internal walls of the church the trajectories of the Sun and the Moon as they appeared in Como on June 16th 2010, the day of the opening of the exhibition. The modern observer will be able to distinguish the different meanings of the lunar orbit and the solar ecliptic, perhaps being at a loss for a moment thinking to the modern theories on the expanding universe…









Exhibition: Misure Celesti (Celestial measures)
Date: June 17th – 27th 2010
Location: ex San Francesco Church, Viale Spallino 1, Como – Italy