Veggie, 2015 – LED matrix, Acrylic plastic, Arduino board, memory card with video file, 30x30x5cm

Veggie is a series of six light displays that studies the color and the structure of some fruits and vegetables.

The work consists of a custom built LED display of 30x30cm that generates a dynamic light in a loop of 10 hours. The color of light is based on the photography of the specific vegetable and algorithm that scans the image in a pseudo-random path.

The fruits and vegetables have been chosen on the nutrition recommendation of Fondazione Veronesi for a diet that helps to prevents cancer: tomatoes, beans, broccoli, red cabbage, red oranges and blueberries.

The algorithm scans the image with a virtual magnifying lens, in a continuous random path, where the direction is changing at each step with an angle generated from a gaussian random set of numbers.
The light is generated with a 14×14 LED matrix and the color of light is based on the position of the virtual lens and the previous path because at each step just a small percentage of the current image position is summed the previous buffer that is displayed.
The software generates an 8 hours of light program, that is stored in the device and plays in loop..

Following are the first 3 minutes of video simulation for each work and the light path on the image of the full 10 hours of scanning.













Documentary video:


Exhibition: LUCE4GOOD – Light Art Ensemble
Date: 10th-20th December 2015
Location: ex San Carpoforo church – via Formentini, 12 – Milano – Italy
Curators: Gisella Gellini, Domenico Nicolamarino